Existing Patients

For existing patients who already are registered with Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat’s Online Medical/Health Records, access your online patient chart via the Patient Portal button below.

Benefits Of Using The Electronic Medical Records System

  • Clinical

    Access visit summary and other medical records by us anywhere, anytime.

  • Documents

    Share documents and medical records with us. Complete your medical history, questionnaires and other forms and share with us and maintain all your documents in one place.

  • Lab Results

    Access and download the lab results shared by us.

  • Appointments

    Request and manage your appointments online.

  • Questionnaire

    Fill in and complete pre-appointment questionnaires online. Minimize your check-in time and let us know about your in advance.

  • Messages

    Work with our staff and collaborate with practice members using secure messages.

New Patients

If you are a new patient and would like to register for our online medical records and submit all documents, questionnaires and medical records through the Online Portal. Please go ahead and follow the instructions for each program or medical condition.

You need to receive an invitation via e-mail from our office/staff first before you can access the portal.

Wellness Program

No Assessment

Assessment not needed for Wellness Detox. In person assessment on arrival and departure.

Check Availability

Simply call 808-933-4400 to check availability. Receive an estimate for the number of days you are staying. Minimum 10 days. Pay 50% to reserve program.

Book Flight

Nearest airport is Hilo International (ITO) Airport. Airport pick-up and drop off included.

Lifestyle Changes

Gerson Therapy & Alternative Cancer Treatment Program

Medically Supervised Fasting

What others experienced

Amanda G

I was a typical diabetic type II on an American diabetic diet. I’ve had diabetes for three years and have not been able to control it with pills or insulin. I thought I was eating healthy before I came to the retreat, I followed the American Diabetes Association recommended diet: veggies, meats, little fruit, whole wheat type carbs, etc. I still struggled to keep my sugar normal. On a daily basis I was taking 28 units of basil insulin, and 60 units of insulin (that’s about 20 units per meal). After eating raw food at the retreat for 3 days, I was down to 25 units of basil insulin and 10 units of insulin. My sugar went progressively down, and after a total of 16 days on the raw diet I am down to 18 units of basil insulin and 10 units of insulin per day. So, in 16 days, I went from taking 20 units of insulin per meal to 6!

Amanda GDec 2013, 35y

The protocol I was on at the retreat involved detoxification and a parasite cleanse, the result of which I lost a consistent 2 pounds a week and am now over 20 pounds lighter than when I arrived, losing some of the weight that was gained in the parasite years. I eat the same amount of food or more than I ever did and look and feel better and lighter than I have for years. With the raw food idea, I learned to eat totally different and initially spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I had a lot of compliments from friends and family telling me how good my eyes and skin looked and how slim I am, and wanting to know how they can become the same. This is a totally different way of preparing food and I love it and love eating this way. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone, and two of my neighbors may attend soon.

CindiJuly 2012