Our Natural Addiction Recovery Program

“Dr. Baylac is offering the missing piece to those who are struggling with overcoming addictions, whether it be tobacco, alcohol, street drugs or eating disorders. I have spent many hours with her discussing her programs and methods. I encourage anyone working with individuals who face this challenge to speak with Dr. Baylac or attend her program “Freedom from all addictions” Christina Fisher, Maui County Substance Abuse Coordinator

Freedom From All Addictions

A Comprehensive Natural Addiction Recovery Program

Is This Addiction Recovery Program For You?

This addiction recovery program concerns those who want to assert their free will over their dependency on a substance or any compulsive behavior. You may want to quit alcohol, painkillers, tranquilizers, tobacco, coffee, pop drinks (soda), sugar, white flour, salt or cooked food. You may have a date in mind, you may just be thinking about it, or you may have quit already. You may have quit several times before or transferred your addictive behavior from one substance to another.

Addictive Behavior & Substance

This addiction recovery program addresses the specifics of any particular substance, and the general theme of addictive behavior regardless of its object. What is the nature and function of addictive behavior? What is its source? We will evaluate belief systems, the role of personal history and the role of the environment.

Opportunity to Quit

Whether you already went through a regular recovery program, or you just decided to quit, with our addiction recovery program we offer you the opportunity to leave drug addiction behind forever and become your true self.

The goals of our addiction recovery program are to –

  1. Restore biochemical damage with proper nutrition, dietary supplementation and intravenous nutrient therapies.
  2. Replace poor health habits by healthy ones.
  3. Strengthen one’s spirit by transcending a compelling desire.
  4. Guide participants to acquire a better knowledge of themselves, more compassion and the power to heal.
  5. Teach adequate tools to deal with stress or feelings associated with addictive behaviors.
  6. Move participants one step closer to total freedom from addiction. Those who are thinking about quitting, or have relapsed, may be entrained to get closer to the desire to quit by those who have decided to quit or have already quit.
  7. Support those who are ready to quit through the withdrawal symptoms, and arising emotional and mental issues.
  8. Promote self-awareness, mindfulness, conscious living and a sense of responsibility for one’s own health.
  9. Prevent substance abuse related illnesses

Our Addiction Recovery Program is Tailored to Each Individual

The residential inpatient program is tailored to each individual and uses –

  • basic awareness and introspection methods,
  • journaling,
  • relaxation techniques,
  • breath work,
  • exercise,
  • FAR Infrared sauna and
  • hydrotherapy.

Specific nutritional deficiencies created by the abused substance are addressed with –

Freedom From All Addictions is a natural detoxification program based on nutrition, natural detoxification, hydrotherapy, exercise, meditation and psychotherapy.

Our addiction recovery program combines several treatment approaches

At Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat CenterHawaii Natural Detoxification Center we combine the best of natural detoxification methods (RAW DETOX) with psychotherapy, meditation and spirituality to achieve maximal healing in minimal time.

The director of the addiction recovery program (Lifestyle Change for Addiction) is Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac, a licensed naturopathic physician and psychotherapist.

Our Program

Freedom From All Addictions

Our addiction recovery program, Lifestyle Change for Addiction, is a natural detoxification program based on nutrition, hydrotherapy, exercise, mindfulness and psychotherapy.

Conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs often require medical detoxification prior to rehabilitation. Our addiction recovery program, in contrast does not require medical detoxification because the natural detoxification effectively manages drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Our Programs: Supporting Your Natural Recovery


The program assessment begins prior to your arrival as we gather information from you or your family about any medical condition you may deal with now or suffered from in the past. Upon arrival we refine our medical and psychological assessment as we evaluate your energy. After the phone program assessment we create an individual program with your cooperation and understanding to support your natural recovery.
A special assessment procedure will focus on your past triggers associated with your substance abuse. We will help you to come up with coping strategies to deal with urges or desires to use addictive substances in order to prevent relapse.

The Recovery Process

During the first days we make sure that you have sufficient rest and good hydration. We make sure you have some quiet time on your own. These natural functions must be satisfied to allow you to reconnect with yourself. We also pay particular attention to your emotional needs. Then, we adjust your nutritional schedule and start nutritional supplements if needed. When you have more energy and have regained some mental clarity, you will start on an exercise program and the active therapies, journaling and meditation. Spending time outdoor is encouraged to connect with nature. Later on, the time comes when you have connected more with the power that created you. Then, your life becomes more meaningful and you find your purpose. On the later part of your stay you may feel that you have energy to share and may want to contribute to your environment. Then, you may participate in some of our activities in the kitchen and the yard.

We value intimacy and privacy and create a small family like experience with our clients. You may want to bring a family member with you or a friend. In this setting you are anonymous and you are in charge of your disclosure timing.

Our detox procedures:

  • Raw detox diet,
  • Hydrotherapy,
  • FAR Infra red sauna,
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

The Raw Food Detox Diet

This dietary nutritional program guarantees no cravings or withdrawal symptoms. You will be served juices and delicious live foods such as soups, root salads, pizzas, eggplant lasagnas, zucchini spaghettis and raw chocolate desserts. You will eat at regular hours with other patients. You will get classes on how to prepare food and at some point during your stay you may want to help in the kitchen to have closer hands on experience on how to prepare your meals when you leave.
The juices and the diet function to dislodge toxins and drug metabolites from the tissues.


In addition, we use the detox enema, colonics and baths to accelerate elimination of toxins from your body. The detox enema accelerates elimination of toxins by increasing formation of bile and glutathione production.

Sweating the Toxins Out

Exercise, and infrared sauna sessions are very important in the detoxification process. We start at your tolerance and build up from there. Exercise and the FIR sauna warm up the tissues and facilitate elimination of toxins.

Psychotherapy – The Psychological Detox

A variety of techniques will be used such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), spiritual counseling, The Work of Byron Katie, Gestalt Therapy, Reichian Breathwork, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy and Massage Therapy. The goal is to deepen your self-knowledge in general and understand your motivations to use mind-altering substances.
We encourage co-counseling and journaling as self help methods to explore one self.

We believe that addiction is a maladapted response to stress or conflicts or lack of motivation or lack of passion. We believe that everyone was born with the innate capacity to approach life with joy, enthusiasm and positivity. Our counseling goals are:

  • Deal with all abuse incurred as a child or an adult.
  • Restore passion for life and inactivate addictive behavior and cognition.
  • Rekindle self-love and self-esteem.
  • Create healthy habits that you enjoy and will continue at home.

Counseling/Spiritual Guidance

We do one-on-one counseling daily, rather than group counseling although group counseling happens once a week or more depending on the actual needs and demand. We offer a vast array of counseling techniques such as breath work, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, spiritual counseling the work of Byron Katie, EFT, Gestalt Therapy, Laughter Therapy, lifestyle counseling, stress management, to match the multifaceted needs of our patients.

We believe that drugs have destroyed your soul and eroded your sense of a spiritual being. It takes a healthy body and mind to be able to restore your spiritual identity and this will happen progressively as you feel better and better. When you are ready and so inclined we will guide you through active and passive meditation and yoga

The Residential Environment

You will have your own support group here at the clinic with people from all walks of life. People come to our center with a diversity of health concerns. We do not believe in separating people according to their type of illness. Although individuals with cancer significantly differ from individuals with substance abuse issues, both of these people can benefit from each others experience and find support in sharing their feelings. Both groups can feel very powerless and desperate. Both groups are looking for hope. Both groups must undergo deep detoxification and must be prepared for a lifestyle change.

For meetings that focus on substance abuse there are twelve-step program meetings in our community that you may attend if you wish.

We differ from the mainstream rehabilitation program by our philosophy and our holistic approach to treatment. We believe that addiction is a treatable condition, that cross addiction must be avoided and that relapse is unnecessary.

Length of Stay

Length of stay must be assessed for each person individually. Several factors are involved in making that decision: Substance use may be misleading. For instance, some people who have struggled with tobacco for many years may need as much time as a heroin addict. The following factors may weight more in the decision: The readiness to make a lifestyle change and to face oneself, the extent of the neurological damage and coexistent mental or physical health problems.

Here are some general guidelines:
We advise a 2-week minimum stay for social addictions such as tobacco, coffee and salt. For pharmaceutical and illegal drugs or eating disorders we recommend a minimum of 1 month and up to 3 months to guarantee complete recovery.

Addiction Philosophy &  Healing Principles

Our Addiction Treatment Approach

Addiction Testimonials

Lifestyle Change for Addiction Program


What A Typical Day Looks Like

Approx 6:30AM Wake up by yourself (spontaneous awakening)
7:00 AM Coffee Enema
7:30 AM Dietary Supplements
Personal Training or Group Exercise or Morning Power Walk (self-guided)
8:30 AM Breakfast Smoothie
9:00 AM Green Juice
Doctor’s Visit, Psychotherapy, IV Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Treatments, Colon Hydrotherapy
10:30 AMYOGA, Tues and Thurs
12:00 PM Green Juice
12:30 PM Lunch, Conscious Eating
1:30 PM Green Juice
Psychotherapy, Counseling Therapies, Massage Therapy, Acupunture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Journaling, Afternoon Self-Guided Power Walk, Bike Ride, Swimming, Snorkeling, Hiking Reading, Conscious Walking, Educational DVDs, …
5:00 PM Green Juice
5:30 PM Dinner, Conscious Eating
Evening Power Walk, Group Therapy or Co-Counseling, Journaling, Reading, Educational DVDs, Vipassana Meditation
Infrared Sauna Session
9:00 PM Vipassana, Visualization Exercises.
Rest and Sleep

Specific Addictions & Rehabilitation

Now is the Time to Mind Your Body & Mend Your Mind


Holistic Natural Residential Rehabilitation Programs for freedom from addiction to legal and illegal substances – drawing from Naturopathic and Detoxification medicine, Behavioral and Psychodynamic Therapy approaches, Stress Reduction Techniques, Meditation, Yoga and Spiritual Practices. We take only a small amount of clients, and our programs are individually designed. Our use of the ocean, the recreational activities & natural approaches facilitate recovery.

Natural Drug and Alcohol Detoxification with Raw Foods


What Others Experienced

Perhaps most valuable was the attentive natural medical support; I feel all of the above could be wasted without it. Dr. Baylac studied my case thoroughly, ordered tests that revealed underlying issues that MD’s have overlooked for years, and tweaked my customized supplement routine and IV therapy support as needed. Though drug withdrawals and food cravings were nursed to minimal discomfort (massages, teas, baths & lots of love helped), my first few weeks of detox were rough with mood instability, psychadellic flashbacks, nightmares, and occasional vomiting. I was probably a tough customer to restore to sanity, but because of her intuitive nurturing and sincere passion for helping, I was able to open up and trust Dr. Baylac and her phenomenal team to guide me to serenity.

SarahSept 2013

I stayed at the Retreat for 6 weeks and this time truly changed my life. I had surgery and became addicted to opiates. One thing led to another, and before I knew it seven years of my life went by on drugs. Methadone was my drug of choice and I had tried five ‘detoxes’ and two rehabs to kick this drug. Nothing seemed to work. I suffered hard at these traditional rehabs. But I was surrounded by negative people and bad food. At the Hawaii retreat it was almost the opposite. Yeah, I went through a rough detox but the food, saunas, enemas, hydrogen peroxide baths, massages and tons of other things made it bearable. I fully detoxed from methadone and it was not as painful as it had been in the past. I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to come here.

DominicJuly 2012