The Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center Inc. is located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The climate is tropical, with temperatures in the upper 70′s to 80′s year round.

The main center location in Hilo offers both convenient access to city amenities and the wilderness.  We have close access to an airport, a hospital, beaches, shopping facilities and a farmers’ market.

The main center is 1/2 hour to the Volcano National Park with breathtaking views of flowing lava, smoking cinder cones and hiking trails.  In addition, the center is appr. 1/2 hour from the Kapoho area, which features natural wonders such as warm ponds, tropical fish and coral, and tidal pools.  Some patients and their companions have rented a car and taken short trips in the afternoon.  Tours to these areas from our retreat center are also available.

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat offers two possible accommodations:

  • The charming Aloha Wellness Inn is located in our main center, in Hilo on the eastern side of the beautiful Big Island. The center is just four blocks from Hilo bay front amidst quaint town shopping.
  • Kapoho Sanctuary is located at the easternmost tip of The Big Island, within a private gated community. It is close to warm natural geothermal pools, ideal for a peaceful swim or a natural mineral bath.