Be Inspired this Halloween

Research shows that although there are several reasons why people begin to use alcohol and drugs, boredom is one of the most popular reasons why people engage in drug and alcohol use. According to Dr. Maya Nicole Baylac our programs director and natural drug rehabilitation counselor and therapist, “boredom is one of the slippery paths to alcohol and drug addiction”.

Being aware of the power of boredom we provide and support creativity as an antidote as part of our programs at the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat. In celebration of Halloween patients painted brown coconuts with Christine last Thursday.

“My 12 years working as an Occupational therapist has taught me the value of therapeutic activities. Art is a great way to express your inner creativity and at the same time be a wonderful stress reducer. It can teach you problem solving techniques in a safe non-threatening environment. The finished product will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride, and helps boost self-esteem.” – Christine

Painted coconut masterpieces in the spirit of Halloween while on retreat

During this particular creative activity, patients were discussing different arts and craft activities they could do when they got home to replace the destructive habit of drinking alcohol out of boredom.

Suggested activities for preventing boredom:

Watch your thoughts and make a conscious effort to add new thoughts and different activities into your day
Find a new hobby or renew an old hobby you still feel passionate about
Offer your time by volunteering for a cause or non-profit that you belief in
Make your bucket list and draw up a plan with goals on how to actualize your list
Sign up for a class on something you had always been interested in
Join a spiritual group and learn about meditation and living in touch with a Higher Power
Visit your town or city museum and sign up for an art class or art appreciation event

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