Colonics Explained. A Clean Colon Is Key to Vibrant Health!

Are you too afraid to make a colonic appointment? This article will explain how it’s done and what to expect.

What Exactly Is Colonics?

Colonics also known as colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation is a procedure where water is administered into the colon. The water is administered with the objective of washing or cleaning the colon.

Why Would One Want to Clean the Colon with Colonic Irrigation?

According to Dr. Ariel Jones, “Colon hydrotherapy removes old, impacted waste out of the colon. Over time old fecal matter can build up in the crypts of the intestines as well as form a plaque. This material is toxic to the system; it prevents intestinal function and allows for toxin recirculation. Impacted stool creates a holding pattern in the tissues which means there is both a physiological and energetic stagnation.”

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy are to remove waste build up and plaque formation to free the intestine to work optimally, and release stored energy.

Is Colonics for Everyone?

We recommend that everyone try colon hydrotherapy because its indications are vast. People suffering from physical ailments such as constipation, headaches, hormonal issues, acne and other toxic conditions can really benefit from having built up waste removed.

On a mental/emotional level, there is a lot of energy and trauma stored in our guts. People who do a series of colonics have the opportunity to release pent up emotions and traumas by releasing the areas of the body where they are stored. Feeling stuck or blocked in life is common and physically moving helps us to move through these times.

Colonics are especially important during a detoxification. While the liver is being supported to detoxify, more bile and waste products are being produced for elimination. Colonics help to remove that waste so that it doesn’t irritate the gut or become reabsorbed.

However, there are circumstances and conditions when people should not get colonics (these are contraindications). Our colon hydrotherapist, Amy Letcher, will always check with the client on medical issues and rule out any contraindications.

Some of these conditions are:

  • Prolapsed bowel
  • Severe hemorrhoids
  • Active anal fissures or fistula
  • Inflammatory bowel disease in an acute stage: Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis
  • Recent bowel or abdominal surgery
  • Perforated bowel
  • Abdominal hernia
  • Intussusception
  • Diverticulitis/diverticuloses
  • Renal disease/insufficiency
  • Kidney transplant
  • Stage ll Hypertension
  • Colon, rectal or abdominal cancer
  • Cirrhosis
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • 1st or 3rd trimester of pregnancy

People with these issues should not get a colonic until the situation has resolved.

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At Your Appointment

When you arrive to your colonic appointment our colon hydrotherapist will have you fill out an intake form and she will talk to you about your goals and reasons for Colonic Therapy.  She will also explain to you that our colon hydrotherapy machine is a closed system which has a UV light and zaps any microbes or parasites along with a two stage filtration system.  Pure water is very important!

Amy uses disposable speculums and sanitizes the unit between clients including the bathroom area…anything that is touched… door knobs etc….

Amy also offers Foot Reflexology (Ingham method). This technique helps your whole body and relaxes you. If you choose to include a short reflexology session, she will do it first. It is very relaxing and beneficial for the colonic session.

It is not enough to know all about colons and the principles or irrigation. The operator should also be familiar with the art of foot relaxation.  – Dr Norman Walker

Colonic Irrigation

You lay on your side on top of a massage table. At the start of the session you will turn to the side and the therapist will help guide the speculum into the rectum. The speculum is connected to an ‘In-flow tube’ (purified water) and an ‘Out-flow tube’ (waste water). After the speculum has been inserted and secured, you turn onto your back. The therapist will explain that the water is warming up and is not entering into but passing by the rectum. The water is administered at body temperature. When the water is at the appropriate temperature, the therapist will slowly begin to fill your colon with water… the therapist will always tell you when she is filling.

This is a very gentle process of filling the colon and of removing fecal material. It is not a vacuum cleaner or full strength garden hose!! The water is entering at a very slow rate… 1 1/2 PSI (pressure per square inch) so you are getting about 1 pint of water flow per minute.

Back to the session… the therapist will say, “I am filling” and when you feel the urge to release….you say, “Release” or if you don’t feel like talking, you can raise your hand. At that point, the therapist will slowly release the water so your bowel can properly contract. This is called peristalsis. Your bowel is a muscle.

The session can be 30-60 minutes depending on your comfort level. Remember, this is a gentle process. The water is entering your bowel to rehydrate, break up impactions, parasites, candida, and old fecal material. One colonic is not going to clear ALL the material out. It will take a series depending on your diet and condition. You cannot command your body to detox but you can give it the tools. Your body decides when it releases.

After several fills and releases, the therapist will ask if you feel ready to do one more fill and release or if you want to finish in the bathroom. You might release more on the commode depending on how much you released during the session.

Probiotic Implant

We also provide optional probiotic implants at the end of the colonic session. This simply refers to a probiotic solution being administered at the end of the session. The goal is to put good flora back into the colon. The colon hydrotherapist will discuss this option with you at your appointment.

That summarizes what goes on during a session. Hopefully we have taken the mystery out of colon hydrotherapy for you! Watch the very informative imbedded video below for further explanation.

Colonics can be done as part of a regular wellness regime or personal cleansing program. Colonics are also an important part of our residential medical detoxification programs and wellness detox program.

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Watch this Informative Video Explaining Colonics

“For a lot of people, when they hear the word ‘colonic’ they immediately think ‘enema’. And then they cringe. But the truth is, colonics have come a long way since the Greeks and Egyptians folks, and it’s time people got up to speed.” In this video Brenda Watson dispels the myths about colonics and explores the benefits of modern colon hydrotherapy.