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Welcome to the Big Island to detoxify, rest and rejuvenate mind and body! We use raw foods, sleep and rest to enable optimal healing. The relaxing Hawaiian environment is also a healing factor, together with our clean air, clean water, organic foods, which maximize detoxification.

Medically Supervised Programs & Detox Retreat Center In Hawaii

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat specializes in mind-body-spirit and holistic medicine.

We treat residential patients as well as outpatients. We offer medically supervised programs, detoxification, weight loss programs, natural drug rehabilitation, wellness programs and healthy vacations.

The programs focus on biochemical, mental and emotional detoxification, using natural methods such as raw food diet, juicing, juice fasting, water fasting, exercise, massage, counseling, psychotherapy and meditation. We also use various naturopathic methods: hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, enemas, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure.

Physical, emotional and spiritual balance is restored and the immune system is strengthened with the most advanced, holistic, research-based alternative medicines, such as nutritional IV therapy.

We provide a nurturing environment with great tools to enable a long, happy, and rewarding life for our guests. 

To learn more, welcome to call us at 808-933-4400

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Success Stories

What I Learned:

My deepest pain comes from my relationship with my wife. My perfectionism, low self esteem, need for others’ approval, and my guilt over my son, proved less painful than my dysfunctional marriage and the desire for a perfect romantic love. Here, I learned how unhealthy that relationship was, and also how unrealistic the idea of perfect romantic love is. I learned that I am all I need, that I can be alone with myself and at peace, that I don’t need another to complete me.

I have…

Type I Diabetes (Pancreatitis), Anxiety, Alcohol Addiction

Why choose us?

We offer the ultimate mind-body-spirit medicine. Our programs are individually designed and can be customized. We are located on the healing and transformation island of Hawaii.

How do I get started?

Start with Assessment and Program Reservation if you are coming for a Medical Program. Or, simply call to check availability for Healthy Vacations and Wellness Detox.

How do I get here?

Our nearest airport is Hilo International ITO. We are located on the eastern side of  The Big Island of Hawaii. We pick you up and drop you off from the airport. Direct flights from Los Angeles available. Otherwise most flights stop over on Maui or Honolulu (Oahu). See travel details.

What do I need to bring?

We are located in a tropical climate with warm weather year round. Bring a journal, dry skin brush, walking or running shoes, rain shell, snorkeling equipment, light clothing, thin long sleeve layer for evening, you need a warm jacket if you planning to take an Ecotherapy tour to Mauna Kea or Volcanoes National Park.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

Program For Medical Conditions

The Lifestyle Change Program treats chronic disease and mental health. These illnesses may be high blood pressure, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, heart disease, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and more. Lifestyle Changes

Gerson Therapy

Gerson Therapy

& Alternative Cancer Treatment

This comprehensive cancer treatment program combines Gerson Therapy with Detoxification, Psychology, Oxidative Therapies, IV Therapy, Iscador Therapy, Enzyme Therapy, Supplementation and Meditation. Gerson Therapy Program

Supervised Fasting

Supervised Fasting

Juice, Water & Coconut Water

We offer individually designed fasting programs using several fasting methods: water fasting, coconut water fasting, juice fasting, and broth fasting. Fasting programs can be short programs 10 to 20 days, or can be incorporated as a phase into detoxification programs or lifestyle change programs.. Fasting Programs

Wellness Detox

Wellness Detox

Detox with Raw Foods & Juices

The Wellness Program is a basic detox from common stressors and toxins of modern life. The program combines a gentle detox with raw foods and juices, infrared sauna, yoga, coffee enemas and psychological and spiritual guidance. Wellness

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes

For Addiction Recovery

Addiction is not a chronic illness, it is a treatable condition. This program uses mind-body medicine and natural detoxification to achieve successful addiction recovery. Learn to assert your free will over dependency on a substance or behavior. Addiction Program

Healthy Vacations

Healthy Vacations

Explore Eastern Side of Hawaii

The charming Aloha Wellness Inn, downtown Hilo, provides a unique place to stay on the eastern side of the island. Vacation packages combine detoxification with juicing, raw foods or individualized therapeutic diets, body movement classes, ecotherapy and a la carte menu of naturopathic modalities. View Our Packages

Nicole Baylac N.D.

Nicole Baylac N.D.

Founder, Medical Director

Doctor Maya Nicole Baylac founded Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2002. Dr. Baylac is a naturopathic physician, trained Gerson Therapy practitioner, psychotherapist and spiritual teacher. As a therapist she uses Reichian Breathwork, Gestalt Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. She has studied multiple spiritual healing traditions such as yoga and awareness techniques during her years in practice since 1966. In her work, she blends her psychological background and her medical practice in a unique mind-body-spirit approach. Read Bio

What others say about us

I was feeling like a low energy slug, overweight and burdened with chronic back pain. I spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements which gave me partial and temporary relief over years of efforts…

Since 1989 I had been dealing with physical symptoms that sent me on a wild goose chase of MD’s, acupuncturists, naturopaths, psychic healers, and specialized clinics. I was diagnosed with diabetes, MS, Raynaud’s syndrome, Candida, heavy metal …

Dear Dr. Baylac, thank you so much for your whole-souled approach in helping me physically and emotionally!! What a beautiful expression of love for life and truth you are! …

I learned that my immune system is core to disease repair. I knew little about processed boxed foods vs. organic foods before starting the Alternative Cancer Treatment Program…