TESTIMONIAL: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, detoxification and Iscador Therapy

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diffuse large B-cell on April, 21st 2010. I immediately started a detox regime and also learned about Iscador therapy from my naturopathic doctor. I started with the Iscador Therapy in June 2010. I began with 5mg – 15mg of Iscador and built up to a 40mg injection. I am still doing the Iscador injections today. I have been doing the Iscador therapy for two years and am doing my injections three times per week.

I also did chemotherapy and faired very well with almost no side effects. I definitely did better than everybody else who receive the same type of chemotherapy. I just lost my hair. I continued to do the Iscador therapy throughout my chemotherapy treatment. I also took liver support supplements.
I had a tumor in my throat that was 24mm x 8mm, as a result I could not swallow water and my oncologist said that I would die if I did not do chemotherapy since I would be choked by the tumor. My oncologist gave me two weeks to live unless I started chemotherapy immediately.

I went to my naturopathic doctor and started Iscador in Ann Arbor Hospital, Michigan. I was Stage IV when I started the Iscador therapy. There was an anthroposophical doctor at Ann Harbor Michigan that told me to do chemotherapy in conjunction with Iscador therapy. In the end I completed nine rounds of chemotherapy instead of the prescribed 12 rounds because my tumor had disappeared. The tumor was half its original size after three sessions of chemotherapy. I also did PT radiation (targeted radiation) everyday for 15 minutes for one month. In addition the doctor injected Iscador into my tumor.
Most patients feel nauseated and tired and I did not and my doctors were surprised. At the moment I have no signs of disease. I continue with my Iscador injections and I get my blood work done regularly and send it to my oncologist.
Chris Runge
2 July 2012

Photo and testimonial taken July 2012 when she visited Dr. Baylac as an outpatient.
Photo and testimonial taken July 2012 when she visited Dr. Baylac as an outpatient.

Chris shared her Iscador treatment history with us while she was traveling around the Tropic of Cancer and accidentally broke her Iscador ampules. Luckily she found our outpatient office on the Big Island, Hilo and was able to replace her Iscador.

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