TESTIMONIAL: Breast Cancer (Lymph Node Positive), Neuropathy of Hands & Feet

Growing up, I was thin so I never paid much attention to nutrition – before coming to the retreat I thought that as long as I wasn’t overweight, I was healthy. I didn’t eat vegetables, exercise was few and far between; I partied hard in college and never paid much attention to my health. At Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center, I learned that my immune system is core to disease repair. I knew little about processed boxed foods vs. organic foods before starting the Alternative Cancer Treatment Program.

I came because I heard about Gerson Therapy – that the nutrition would help rebuild my system, which was exhausted from chemotherapy. I learned how to detox my body. Coffee enemas and colonics were huge. I learned how to let go of things from my past that I didn’t know were bothering me. EFT was great and the beautiful scenery on walks around the retreat made it easier as well. My anxiety level has gone from crying and going over the edge every day to feeling powerful.Kristina L_after photo2

Looking back to two weeks ago, I feel that a lot of what I now know is really just common sense: natural was the original way people ate. The Gerson diet is great because my body can easily digest it and use the energy it would use in digesting to heal me. Plus I’m loaded with nutrition. I’ve learned that what I put in my body is important, what I put on my body is also important.

I have breast implants and now realize that they are a stress on my body. Putting foreign objects in my body challenges my system. I now realize that they probably contributed to my having cancer – before I thought hat the only reason for my cancer was my Braca 1 gene. But now I know that my genetics only predispose me and that I can largely control the fate of my health with lifestyle choices.

Acupuncture is a very good way to heal neuropathy. I came here with numb fingers and toes and I now have 70% of the sensation back. I think it has something to do with time, but the acupuncture really has helped bring the feeling back.

I love everybody at the retreat – all the staff. Dr. Baylac is a genius, and Arminda is an awesome chef.

I could think of a million more things to say, but the most important point is that I am on the right track to healing my body. They taught me very well and I feel ready to go home and continue my treatments. I’m boosting my body up – it’s truth that it should be able to fight things off on it’s own as long as you are kind to it!

With Love,

Kristina Lussier

Age 26, Nebraska

16 February 2014

Kristina before and after treatment
Kristina before treatments, left and after treatment, right.


This is such a miracle for me because I found about Dr. Baylac through a health food store where my kids live. I went in freaking out about my melanoma diagnosis. The woman who worked in the supplement section told me about Gerson Therapy and that Dr. Baylac’s Alternative Cancer Treatment had been what saved her son’s life. I got in touch with Dr. Baylac eventually because I hit a wall; I was exhausted of taking care of everyone else but myself.

When I arrived to the retreat, I knew I was home. Dr. Baylac and the staff care about the whole package: your mental, emotional and physical state as well. When you find out you have cancer you hate yourself, but here you learn to love, love, love yourself!
The nature and surrounds were beautiful. It was exactly what my soul needed. I want to thank Dr.Baylac and her staff – I am so thankful for this opportunity and feel so blessed.

This has been a very positive experience for me. Dr. Baylac is a very compassionate woman and the treatment is very aggressive. Now I feel like I have tools to work with to get better. I’m taking everything I learned home with me.
I’m going to go take my nature walk now.

January 2014
Age 55, Virginia

TESTIMONAL: Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, stem cell transplant, Gerson Therapy

I was diagnosed with Stage III Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in July 2008. After I became aware of it, I could feel the tumors in my stomach. It was pushing against my aorta. I was very fortunate to have had a kind of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma that was curable. This is my third year cancer free. Right now I am working on improving the ratio of red and white blood cells and platelets in my blood as these are not yet normal in numbers.

Initially when I was diagnosed, I worked with my naturopathic doctor and tried some alternative cancer therapies. I did Vitamin C IV therapy as well as a very expensive treatment from El Salvador called, Bryomixol. My naturopathic doctor was very against chemotherapy and he made me extremely afraid of it. My oncologist on the other hand was very kind about the fact that I wanted to try alternative therapies and she gave me a window of time for trying alternatives. It was the unknown for me. I didn’t know anyone who was sick or who have had cancer. I was terribly conflicted over whether I should do chemotherapy or just stay with the alternative treatments.
In the end eventually I did start some chemotherapy and then while on a family trip in between treatments to Hawaii, I heard about Dr. Baylac and started communicating with her. I decided to stay in Hawaii and did not go back home to finish my chemotherapy. I stayed at the retreat with Dr. Baylac for ten days, because that was all I could afford and followed the Gerson Therapy program. After the ten days, they helped me to find an apartment and I moved to an apartment and continued to do the Gerson Therapy as good as I could by myself. I chose to stay in Hawaii to continue the Gerson Therapy by myself because I was afraid of the chemo that was waiting for me back home.
Dr. Baylac was someone who had taught me not to be afraid. I think that is the key thing I learned from her and I am very grateful to her for it.

I enjoyed the Gerson Therapy. I was satisfied with it. I didn’t feel like I needed any additional food outside of what the diet required. I did breathwork a couple of times and I really enjoyed that. And there were group sessions that were part of staying at the retreat and it made it a positive and friendly environment and I think that the people who were there really genuinely cared to help each other. It wasn’t a bunch of strangers, it became personal.

When I followed the Gerson Therapy on my own I worked really hard on the juices and soups and I think after I came back from Hawaii, I did that all the way through until I had my stem cell transplant. So, yes I did return home and continued with chemotherapy and eventual stem cell transplant. When I returned home I had another CT scan and the lymphoma had turned up in another area. If I had known then what I know now, I would have returned home immediately continued the conventional treatment and then afterwards had gone for the Gerson Therapy. I don’t know if I had taken my whole course of chemo before, if I would have remained in remission or not.

Photo and testimonial taken May 2012 when she visited the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center

I followed the Gerson Therapy for at least for six months before I went for my stem cell transplant. I went into it very healthy. I feel that it is very possible that the Gerson diet had given me a good base for what was to come. The doctor was very upfront and he said that 6/10 people die from stem cell transplants. He was very excited about how I reacted to the chemo and how well the chemo responded to me, I guess, and that he is pretty sure that I am cured and we just had to find that out over time.

I am still following the Gerson diet in my own way. I don’t do the juices now, it is too expensive but I did it all the way until I had my stem cell transplant. I think learning how to keep the ph of the body neutral and learning which foods are too acidic is important. I also eliminated stress and stopped working. If I remember correctly I think Dr. Baylac had shared with me that in her experience most of the cancer patients she had treated were grieving or very unhappy, and I was and I just didn’t know how much.

Jane Whitmore
8 May 2012

Jane stayed at the retreat and followed the Gerson program in December 2008.

TESTIMONIAL: Gerson Therapy and Prostate Cancer: A Hawaii Success Story

31,729 deaths in one year (1999) are due to prostate cancer. This translates to 3 deaths per hour in the US.

In 2006, I went to see Dr. Latimer because I had frequent urination at night and difficulties urinating. My doctor did a digital rectal exam which ended up being suspicious, so he did a biopsy. The results showed prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6. This is a very aggressive tumor for a 50 years old. He recommended prostatectomy, radiation and castration. These are very aggressive therapies. I declined his treatments.

This is when I was referred to Dr. Baylac for Gerson Therapy. The conventional treatments had side effects that scared me. I enjoyed my sex life and I did not want to give it up. I did not want to take a chance and end up incontinent for the rest of my life. My PSA was 7.2 at that time. Although I was not eating processed foods, I was on an imbalanced natural diet.

I decided to do the Gerson therapy to the exclusion of any other treatments. My physician recommended Dr. Baylac who had a clinic on the same island. I did her 2 week Gerson Therapy program and followed up outpatient visits for 2 years. I continued to follow the Gerson program at home for 3 years!
Coming home I got rid of soy products, got a Norwalk juicer, and transformed my kitchen. I weaned off of phenobarbital over a one year period. For two years, I stayed kitchen bound and did the Gerson Therapy full program. My PSA slowly came down to 4.0 and has remained at this level for the last 3 years. Incontinence and difficult urination have disappeared, I feel calm and relaxed in my mind and body. I am full of energy. My sexual life is active without a need for Viagra type aids. My grey hair disappeared and I got back my full head of brown hair! People ask me “Are you dying your hair now?” And I say “No!” I have all my hair and no grey. I think it is the effect of the therapy!

I continue juicing with lugol and potassium and triad. These are my only medications so far!! I still follow Gerson as the basis for my diet today, which is ninety-five percent organic!! The urologist, Dr. Latimer, wrote in my file (12/28/06) after I was on the Gerson therapy for twelve months: “The ineffectiveness of his present therapy has risks of death, risks of impotence and incontinence”.

Today I enjoy new dark hair growth, a steady gait, and no shaking. My PSA remains constant at 4.0 and I am starting a new life with my wife who supported me throughout this entire time. I run a juice bar with organic fruits and lead a healthy lifestyle. We are very happy and very healthy and basking in the clean air and healthy living. I enjoy a professional and social life again thanks to Dr. Baylac! And I hope that a lot people will follow my path…

Jean P.
October, 2010

“When Jean P. came to me for the first time, three-and-a-half years ago, his behavior showed anxiety and fear. His hands were shaking, his pupils were dilated, and an underlying tremor was visible on his face. He was taking phenobarbital, an anti-seizure medication, and drinking a massive amount of black tea. The drug was prescribed by a neurologist from the Mayo clinic in 1979 for traumatic brain injuries and was to be taken for the rest of his life. He had now been taking it for over 25 years and visibly was suffering from severe side effects. In an effort to optimize his liver function, we decided to wean him off with the help of a neurologist. Jean P. is a yoga teacher and he was familiar with meditation and awareness techniques. He got excited about making use of these tools in order to be present and watchful in his own life. He replaced his vegetarian diet with a Gerson diet and eliminated all caffeine products. His PSA was 7.2 on December 2006. It went down to 4.0 in June of 2007. It stayed at 4.0 for the past three years: 2008, 2009, 2010. His story is truly a story of success using Gerson Therapy. I hope it brings you inspiration. Today Jean P enjoys a new life and looks completely transformed. Below is Jean P’s personal account of the joys and pains of his healing journey.” –Dr. Baylac

TESTIMONIAL: Brain tumor, chemotherapy detoxification, Gerson Therapy

I came to the retreat to detoxify my body since I have had a nine month course of chemotherapy after having a Glioblastoma Multiforme removed from my right temporal lobe on November 19, 2007. My body felt toxic, and I also wanted to find a nutrition and lifestyle program that would help my body’s own immune system become strong enough to create vibrant health and prevent any recurrence of cancer.

I found during the retreat that I was very afraid, and a session with Doctor Baylac helped me to really deeply accept my fears without attaching to them, and she helped me to not over-focus on the illness. Instead she reminded me in many ways of my own power to create health and joy, and supported me in doing that. I told her at the end of my stay that I felt that I had arrived full of fear and pain, and I was leaving full of joy, vibrant health, and love. I still feel the shift in perception that she helped me reach, and am pleased that I journaled while there. If I need a reminder, I re-read some of the journal entries and that puts me back in touch with the change.

I also felt a huge change in my digestion and palate. The first two days, I missed salt, but after that didn’t even think about salt. I started to be able to taste the range of flavors in foods. My digestive system began to function very well on its own. I did notice a larger output of urine. I have always drank a lot of water, but the Gerson program helps me to not retain that water! That’s quite a plus, and may be a big part of the weight loss. Some of it was water. Some was muscle, as I’m seeing, and now that I am feeling better, I’m able to exercise again so will put the muscle back where it belongs.

I lost weight during the retreat, and have continued to loose weight. I want to find a way to get my weight to stabilize. I began at 128 lbs, and this morning I weighed 119. I’m eating, staying with the protocol, including the flax oil and lots of potatoes. I noticed large changes both physically and emotionally. It is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time, if not ever. It’s had a positive impact on most areas of my life.

I have to admit, I feel “homesick” for the center. I truly felt welcomed deeply from the moment I arrived, and felt very sad when I left. My body has always felt most relaxed and nurtured anytime I have been on Hawaiian soil. The combination of being in the paradisiacal Hawaiian setting along with the beautiful environment, wonderful food, strong nurturing, and feeling so well cared for really helped me relax and let the healing happen. I truly miss it, and hope very much that I create the opportunity to return, but next time will be different (as I hope to maintain vibrant health) and not attend due to a health crisis, but attend due to a desire to maintain and gain even more health and joy.

Dr Baylac encouraged a lot of reading, which I enjoyed. I learned the reason for coffee enemas, the detailed scientific reason Dr Gerson recommended them. I learned that my juicer was heating up too much and killing the enzymes in some of my juices, so am getting a Norwalk juicer in order to keep the juices vital. I learned how to cook Gerson approved food in a way that makes it varied, attractive, and delicious. I also learned how to retain an enema 🙂 as well as how to give myself a B-12 injection. I was not sure I’d be able to give myself an injection, but Margo and Dr. Baylac taught me patiently and kindly.

Highlights were group conversations at the dinner table, driving to see the Volcano and visit Pele, and the visits to the warm tidal pools, where the ocean current can be safely experienced in a way that brought tears and howls of joy through me. I had not felt pure unrestricted joy flow through me since the surgery I had on my brain. This joy is still with me, and tapping into helps me continue to know that this is a very good healing path for me. I feel deeply healed on many levels.

Being able to stay longer would have been nice. Otherwise, the only thing I can think of that would have made the stay even better would be to have had structured, formal process or therapy groups in the morning after breakfast. I envision the group getting together with a facilitator (Dr. Baylac) and going around discussing our goals, so we could really know what everyone was working on and wanting support with. I run groups, and love the power of groups to help each other reach their goals and transform. Also, I know the rooster is just doing what roosters do, but when it started crowing at the crack of dawn I woke up.

I would recommend the retreat without reservation to anyone who wants to build health, get back in touch with their core, reach deep decisions about their life path. The staff are so friendly and open, as is Dr. Baylac. Her style as a therapist is fabulous (and I’m a therapist, so I’m picky … she is truly gifted). The retreat encouraged interaction among all the clients there, and the group bonded very nicely. The group support around the dinner table with our spontaneous conversations was one of my favorite parts of the retreat.

Tara Webster
September, 2007

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