To Change or Not to Change

The Mastery of Lifestyle Changes Change is a constant flow of transformation. Change comes from the intrinsic quality of life, impermanency. While the body changes from moment to moment and time takes us to our inevitable final destination, we are poorly aware of this state of affairs and live our lives as if we were […]

improve air quality in your home

9 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Indoor air quality matters, because it is a huge contributor to toxic load and carcinogen exposure. Indoor pollution is generally higher than outdoor pollution unless you consciously reduce it by building your house with non-toxic materials, remove your shoes prior to entering your house and use an air filter in urban areas. Air pollution is a […]

plants that can clean indoor air

Plants That Can Clean Indoor Air

Are there plants that can clean indoor air? The answer is yes, but for plants to effectively purify the air in your home you will need to keep the following two things in mind. 1. Choose the right plants Plants are not equal in their ability to naturally purify the air. To clean the air […]

Get restorative sleep

Sleep Yourself to Optimum Health, a Better Body and Mind

We all think we can push ourselves and deprive ourselves from getting sleep in order to get more done, but the truth is that the biological consequences of losing sleep are simply not worth it. Many vital processes happen during sleep and we must make getting daily restorative sleep part of our lifestyle. This simple […]

make your own almond milk

Almond Milk

Prepare your own fresh Almond Milk at home in just a few easy steps! Ingredients: 1 Cup Raw, Organic Almonds 2 Cups Filtered or Spring Water Supplies: Medium sized ceramic or glass bowl High powered blender like Vita-Mix or Blend-Tech Cheesecloth or other straining cloth; make sure the piece is large enough to span across […]