Volcanoes National Park

Make the journey to the sacred home of the volcano goddess, Pele. Start off by viewing the Kilauea Caldera and by walking through a lava tube (Thurston Lava Tube). Next experience walking over the Kilauea caldera by hiking the four-mile loop Kilauea Iki Trail. The loop starts of in ‘ohi’ a rainforest and gently descends into the crater and across its 2.4 mile hardened lava from the 1959 eruption. You will encounter steam vents and the baked black surface of the volcano. This is a very unique and unforgettable experience. End the tour by learning about volcanoes at the Jaggar Museum and by viewing the glow of the active Halema’uma’u crater. You will enjoy a packed dinner picnic and will need good walking shoes for the hike as well as warm clothing for the evening. A rain shell is recommended.

$100 per person

The summit of Mauna Kea hosts the world’s largest astronomical observatory, with telescopes operated by astronomers from eleven countries. First and foremost, however, Mauna Kea is a holy mountain to the Hawaiian people. The summit represents many things to the Hawaiian People. For example it is considered the Temple of the Supreme Being and is acknowledged as such in many oral histories throughout Polynesia, which pre-date modern astronomy by millennia.

Mauna Kea rises 32,000 ft from the ocean floor to an altitude of 13,796 ft. You will travel from sea level to 13,796 ft in a very short time which will make this experience one of a kind. An acclimatization stop is necessary at the visitor center which has a gift store, film presentation of Mauna Kea mountain and stargazing equipment for observing the night sky. The summit is a barren area with cinder cones on a lava plateau.
From Kapoho we will drive to the visitor center, acclimatize for an hour during which we will watch the film and look around the gift store. Next we will drive to the summit and have a tour of one of the telescopes. After this we will take a short hike up to the highest point to observe an unforgettable sunset from above the cloud line.

On the way back, we will stop again at the visitor center at 9000ft for crystal clear viewing of the stars. Picnic dinner is served .  Saturday afternoons, late return to accommodations (after 10pm).


Kehena Black Sand Beach

Travel through Puna along the beautiful “Red Road” as you take in the stunning views of the rocky coast line, coconut palms and wild orchids. The lush Hawaiian rainforest trees including guava, mango and noni are not to be missed! Upon arrival to Kehena Beach enjoy swimming and relaxing on this popular black sand spot.


Kalapana New Beach and Red Road

Travel through Puna on the beautiful “Red Road” as you do for Kehena Beach. Continue beyond Kehena to the ‘end of the road’ where the volcanic flows of the 1980’s literally covered the coastal road. Stops along the road provides opportunity to admire the spectacular world famous coastline. Once you arrive in Kalapana, a fishing village destroyed by a lava flow in 1990, take an easy 15 min walk accross a lava field out to a small black sand beach (New Kaimu Black Sand Beach). Enjoy a unique local drink of kava kava. A relaxing homemade Hawaiian drink from the root of the kava plant. On Wednesday nights there is live music with a market and festivities.


Experience the local community marketplace of lower Puna area. A unique farmers and craft market geared to support small farms, businesses and artisans. Only locally made items are for sale. Puna residents sell and trade their home-grown produce and homemade goods. The atmosphere and special buzz on a Saturday morning gives a true feel for Hawaiian local life. Pick up some Hawaiian made gifts to bring home. Take in the breathtaking red road coastline en route. Taste local exotic fruits like jackfruit, sapote and cacao pod.

Saturday morning market


Farmers Markets

Hilo Farmers Market

Explore the Hilo Farmers Market, a bustling outdoor market where local vendors sell fruits and vegetables, flowers, clothes, jewelry, and other local island treasures. Especially fun to discover strange looking and sometimes strange smelling and tasting exotic island fruits. Taste rare seasonal treats like, egg fruit, chocolate sapotes, durian and more. Best farmers market ambiance on Big Island, especially Saturday mornings. A festive outdoor atmosphere that recalls back the old “plantation” days of Hilo many years ago. Some consider it a US top farmers market that every food lover should visit!

No charge for patients staying at Aloha Wellness Inn downtown Hilo. The market is walking distance from the inn and makes for a welcome outing Wednesday or Saturday mornings.

Saturdays – $80 (from Kapoho Sanctuary)

Watch in awe as Kilauea volcano enters the ocean and unleashes a lava show of eruptive splatter cones, oozing rivers of lava, crackling A’a lava, underwater upwellings, erupting lava bombs, volcanic steam explosions, and much more! This is an unforgettable experience.

$150 to $200 per person (depend on season)

Kilauea Volcano conditions and flow changes continuously. Lava flowing into the ocean boat tours not always available. We use the services of Lava Ocean Tours and their boat launching site is just a few miles from Kapoho Sanctuary. The sunrise and sunset tours are especially popular. Sunrise makes for smoother ocean conditions.