Interns Needed for Hawaii Inpatient Facility Treating Addiction, Cancer and Chronic Disease with Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center provides three to six month long naturopathic doctor  internships for doctors who want to learn more about detoxification and lifestyle changes with raw food nutrition, juices, exercise and mind-body medicine in the treatment of chronic disease.

Candidates must believe in a Nature Cure approach and must be familiar with at least one of the following modalities: IV therapy, raw food nutrition, exercise therapy and possibly practice some mind body procedures such as meditation, yoga, EFT, stress management, breath work or other psychotherapy or bodywork techniques. Interns may apply for an extension or a permanent remunerated employment.

Interns will work 40 hours per week. Accommodation is possible off site, but transport will be necessary because of the distances between locations. There is a limited bus service available. However, accommodation options can be discussed and we can guide intern applicants to find suitable solutions. Meals are provided while on duty at the retreat.

The work will consist of preparing for patients treatment plan and stay:

  • Review of medical records, questionnaire, lab work and assessment
  • Make sure supplies and facility is prepared for each new patient arrival
  • Daily medical supervision
  • Supervise patient programs
  • Follow up phone consultations
  • Research medical conditions and write articles
  • Some office and administrative work as needed. Ordering of IV supplies and medications.
  • Food shopping at farmers markets, once or twice a week or as needed.

In exchange interns will be given supervision and guidance in their work. They will start patient’s visits with a senior doctor until they feel comfortable doing the visits on their own and will meet as often as necessary with the doctor to assess patient’s progress and review treatment plans.

The administrative office, the main clinic and guest accommodations are located on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Please review our website to get familiar with our approach and programs. If you would like to apply, e-mail your letter of intent with your resume to us by using the form below.

Naturopathic Doctor Internships can be started at any time, call 808-933-4400 to find out more.

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Internship Experience: Reflections from Julia Strickler, ND

Julia Strickler

I seized the opportunity to intern at the Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center for three months after graduation. I was eager for warmth, sunshine, and clinical experience as a new doctor from Seattle. I looked forward to seeing the power of naturopathic medicine working in a retreat setting after extensive work in out-patient clinical settings. I was also looking forward to working in a place that combined a spiritual retreat experience with healing via detoxification.

In October, I arrived on the Big Island not really sure what to expect, but excited for whatever may lay ahead. I visited Hawaii once twenty years ago and have limited memories about the experience. People told me that this part of the island was fairly rural, it could rain a lot, and that I needed to adapt to local living and pace of life as soon as possible. All of this has proven to be true! Before arriving, I understood the basic layout of the internship. I would divide my time between two locations. Initially I would shadow Dr. Baylac and learn how the retreat center functioned. Then I would develop more independence and we would alternate visiting with patients and have more separate responsibilities.

My first day was a whirlwind. After a brief tour of where the office is located, I went with Dr. Baylac to where the center was operating at full force – 2 patients doing Gerson Therapy, 4 patients doing various detox or addiction programs. It was exciting and offered the challenge and opportunity that I was looking for after graduation. After being shown how things operate here – from visiting with patients to folding laundry to online marketing – I began to gradually take on more responsibilities, offering my own skills as a doctor and healer. Dr. Baylac worked with my strengths and helped to develop a flexible schedule that worked for both of us. While here, I have had the opportunity to work with nature cure and nutrient therapy, enemas and meditation, exercise therapy and hydrotherapy, incorporating regular swims in the ocean with sea turtles, and much much more!

Every day I wake up in disbelief at the abundance of natural beauty and deep healing power of nature that flourishes in Hawaii. As a doctor, it is a gift to work with patients who are committed to their healing process. Each of the patients that came to Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center demonstrated the inherent healing power and wisdom of the body. When a person is given the right physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual tools and the time to heal, amazing results are achieved! I am leaving Hawaii with a deeper awareness of how to support people through intensive times of healing, a greater knowledge of raw foods, an enhanced sensitivity to nature….and a great tan!

December 2010
Dr. Julia Strickler graduated from Bastyr University. After completing her internship at Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Center, she returned to Austin, Texas to practice naturopathic medicine, focusing on developing healthy lifestyle habits and choices for people with chronic disease.