Detox for Weight Loss & Lifestyle Changes to Keep it Off

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Our weight loss program consists of

  • improving eating, sleeping and exercise habits with regular schedules
  • addressing the underlying emotional issues, such as self-esteem, loneliness and boredom
  • restoring the natural hormonal hunger satiety cycle
  • education about shopping and food preparation.

Detoxification is our Main Method

Our weight loss programs Hawaii focuses on detoxification and not on dietary restriction. We use

  • raw food detox diet
  • nutrition specific detox procedures such as infrared sauna, coffee enema, exercise
  • lifestyle counseling and psychotherapy
  • nutritionally removing heavy metals and chemicals from fat storage.

Consequently weight loss ensures.

Lose Weight Safely & Effectively Through Our Naturopathic Treatments


1. Testing Pre-Arrival and Initial Visit

Basic bloodwork is drawn prior to arrival. This will include a Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) and Lipid Panel. Hormone testing for thyroid and cortisol, along with ELISA-leptin, and ghrelin is also performed. A neurotransmitter test indicating levels of serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine is useful for a precise therapeutic approach. CRP marker for inflammation is evaluated. A fasting blood sugar, A1C, and insulin are run. Heavy metal testing is preferred.

2. Detoxification

Toxins are holding on to fat. Therapeutic detoxification is necessary to help the body remove harmful toxins stored in fat cells. When these toxins are released, fat cells are breaking down, resulting in weight loss. Toxins can cause weight gain in several ways. They can cause water retention, slow metabolism and a sluggish liver. It is important to clear out these impurities from the liver so that it can function optimally. Sometimes chelation with NDF or DMSA is necessary in order for the patient to lose weight. Our program is designed to support this detoxification process with infrared sauna, coffee enemas, colonics, castor oil packs, green juices, and a healthy raw food diet.

3. Nutrition

Our nutritional approach and diet eliminates all processed foods and stimulating foods such as salt, sugar and bad fats (heated oils, hydrogenated oils, GMO oils). It is a whole food based diet. An abundance of fresh, local organic produce is served up into delightful, tasty dishes. A raw food diet contains more enzymes and is easier to digest. It eliminates all of the culprits found in processed foods that lead to obesity. We also eliminate potentially high allergenic foods such as grains, soy, meat and dairy products.

4. Supplement Regimen

We use a variety of supplements to treat the damage caused by over consumption of processed food. Our supplement regimen is designed to repair liver damage with antioxidants and support the adrenals and thyroid gland. We address cravings if they emerge.

5. Nutritional IV Therapy

We offer a wide range of nutritional IV’s adapted to each individual case to correct nutritional deficiencies. For instance, Meyer’s cocktail is given for nutritional deficiencies due to leaky gut, malabsorption or food sensitivities. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and infuses nutrients quickly to where they are needed.

6. Exercise

The goal of our exercise program is to boost metabolism, speed up the burning of fat reserves, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar, stimulate brain chemicals that make you feel good, and promote a deeper sleep. Our exercise program focuses on gradually increasing low intensity aerobic activity. We begin at the patient’s current activity level and increase from there. Walking and swimming are encouraged daily. Regular exercise manages blood pressure, increases HDL (good cholesterol) and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol), decreasing harmful plaque on artery walls. We found that exercise is the best cure for sugar cravings and decreasing insulin levels (fat storage hormone).

7. Mind-Body Therapies

  • Introspection and journaling – Tracking triggers and reflecting on your thoughts and feelings helps draw on the patient’s inner strength in order to make lifelong changes.
  • Meditation, mindfulness – Meditation allows you to gain perspective on yourself and empowers you to make choices. It gives clarity of mind and promotes relaxation. It can help you gain insight into your sources for overeating, providing more self-awareness. Mindful awareness is in particular useful to deal with food cravings and to deal with relapse prevention in the case of food addiction.
  • Reichian Breathwork – Frees the space taken by negative memories and liberates energy for use into positive thinking and motivation. It also helps to access and resolve past traumas.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – We offer EFT. Turbo Tapping is a special form of EFT that we use, that has been found to help with soda addiction and sweet cravings.
  • Massage Therapy – Massage decreases stress and promotes relaxation. It improves circulation to muscles and helps the body to eliminate toxins.
  • Gestalt Therapy – Focuses on the present moment and it teaches how to not dwell on past or live in the future. It teaches personal responsibility and direct communication.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Addresses dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and thinking by using specific goal oriented strategies.
  • The Work of Byron Katie – The Work helps you identify and question the thoughts that cause anger, fear, depression, and addiction, which leads to weight gain.
  • Watsu – Watsu is a therapy that consists of slow movements that are performed in warm water, promoting a sense of relaxation as well as increasing range of motion, decreasing stress and improving digestion

8. Recreational Therapy

We will guide you in exploring your creativity. We promote art, games, music, educational movies, swimming, snorkeling, and bicycling, in an effort to provide creative alternatives to feelings of loneliness and boredom which often times leads to mindless eating. Walking in nature helps with the relaxation response, reducing cortisol levels, and allowing for better digestion.

Warm Pond Floating

Natural Geo-Thermal Pool for Relaxed Floating and Water Therapy

9. Education

Talks and demonstrations are held to provide support for continued lifestyle changes upon return home.

10. Sleep and Rest

Sleeping patterns are closely monitored, assuring that you get plenty of rest. A good night sleep is the key to good health. Herbs and supplements are used to assist your body in restoring its natural circadian rhythm. Hammock therapy, yoga, healthy nutrition, exercise program, mental-emotional therapy, pure, fresh ocean breeze, all contribute to providing easy and uninterrupted sleep.

Start by exploring your relationship with food, being honest with yourself, and journaling your answers.

Whole Foods & Not Calorie Restriction

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