Healthy Food!

Our organic whole food plant-based diet is anti-inflammatory, high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. We buy our food from local farmers markets and health food stores. We serve simple yet tasty foods that exclude GMOs, grains, dairy products, meat, fish, soy, all salts and sugars. To flavor the food we use dates, stevia or honey, apple cider vinegar, garlic and lots of fresh herbs. Our nutrition plan is intended to detoxify the body from chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, non-beneficial bacteria and fungi and to prevent and cure chronic disease. Our nutrition plan includes three meals a day plus fresh juices. Juicing concentrates the vitamins and minerals to replenish any deficiencies. Our food is prepared fresh daily using both raw gourmet foods and medicinal foods customized for each patient’s needs.

Our dietary plans include:

In addition to our whole foods diet, we also include dietary supplementation and intravenous nutrient therapy for extra biochemical re-balancing of nutrients in our medical programs.

At Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Food is Medicine