At Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat Medicinal Foods are foods that are consumed (ingested in food context) in order to achieve a specific medicinal effect. The food item possesses the ability to affect the body physiologically beyond just nutritional nourishment. Medicinal foods at Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat are eaten to have an impact on specific medical conditions.

Medicinal Fruits

Hawaii Naturopathic Retreat has access to powerful medicinal fruits due to our location on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Some of the fruits we frequently use medicinally are: noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia), soursop (graviola), and bitter melon (Momordica Charantia).

Fermented and Cultured Foods

Fermented foods have many benefits. They are heavy metal chelators, they heal the gut and have a dramatic influence on mental emotional disorders. A variety should be included in a daily detox diet. Depending on the bio-individual needs of the patient, cultured raw foods and beverages provide benefits like improving sleep, digestive functioning & elimination, increasing energy & immune system efficiency, clearing acne, and reducing sugar cravings, dramatically.

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