Rarely a patient will present with a clean health history prior to getting cancer.

There may be contributing factors such as smoking that weakened and irritated the lungs or inflammation of the liver from the use of pharmacological drugs or any other past illness that has weakened the immune system. In our holistic approach, we treat any other illness that may be current or past illness that may have been treated symptomatically and not causatively. The regimen prescribed will reflect each individual’s unique health history.

Vitamin D

There are a number of studies demonstrating that a high level of vitamin D prevents angiogenesis, proliferation and metastasis, and induces apoptosis and differentiation in cancer cells. However, no one is saying that Vitamin D cures cancer because an advanced cancer seems to be able to block its vitamin D receptors. What they are saying is that vitamin D prevents cancer and prevents the recurrence of cancer. People who have been treated for cancer and continue to take high doses of vitamin D live longer and are less likely to experience new cancers. Vitamin D does not interfere with standard cancer treatments. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system so that it is far more able to defend us from infections of all sorts, including wintertime colds and flu. The health of infants is improved if the prenatal nutrition of mothers contains significant vitamin D.

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)

Citrus pectin is a carbohydrate substance extracted from the cell wall of the peel and pulp of citrus fruits and modified by high pH and temperature. Citrus pectin is indigestible and it is modified to be easily absorbed by the digestive tract. Numerous animal and human studies show the ability of citrus pectin to prevent metastasis. Research studies show MCP to be effective both in laboratories and human studies against metastasis of prostate carcinoma, colon carcinoma, breast carcinoma, melanoma, multiple myeloma and hemangiosarcoma.

[us_note color=”#dfdce2″]We use MCP powder 5 grams taken three times a day to prevent metastasis.[/us_note]

Apple Pectin

Apple pectin is useful in radiation decontamination. Apple pectin is a soluble fiber that swells in the digestive tract and sweeps out all waste material. Apple pectin has been successfully used on children in the decontamination of cesium-137 in the radioactive Chernobyl fall out.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in greatest quantities in meat and animal products. It plays a key role in mitochondrial energy production and with all illnesses in energy depletion. There is scientific evidence that L-Carnitine depletion is associated with cancer growth. Terminal cancer patients show a decrease in serum L-Carnitine due to the decreased dietary intake and impaired endogenous synthesis. This deficiency in L-Carnitine contributes to the progression of cancer cachexia (weight loss, loss of appetite, muscle atrophy, fatigue, and weakness).

L-Carnitine also helps in chemotherapy induced neuropathy and side effects like weight loss and poor appetite.