This is probably the most frequently prescribed hydrotherapy treatment in naturopathic offices. It is easy to do, takes very little time, and is extremely effective. Used to treat colds, headaches, sore throats, ear infections, and almost any other problem involving congestion or infection in the upper body and head, this treatment is one that every household should know about. It is also helpful in some cases of insomnia, and can be used on a regular basis to encourage general immune stimulation.


  1. It is imperative that before you begin this treatment you warm your feet first. This is very important as the treatment will not be as effective and could be harmful. Warming can be accomplished by soaking in warm water for five minutes.
  2. Next, take a pair of cotton socks and wet the portion covering the feet with cold water. Be sure to wring the socks out so they are damp, but not dripping.
  3. Place the cold socks on your feet. Cover these with thick wool socks. Go to bed, being sure to wrap up well with a warm blanket. Avoid getting chilled.
  4. Please DO NOT remove socks in the middle of the night. This is a common mistake and will ruin the effectiveness of the treatment. They may still be wet in the middle of the night, but trust that they will be dry in the morning. Many patients also report that they sleep much better during the treatment.

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