The sitz bath is an immersion bath with the patient seated in a tub with water covering the hips, buttocks and lower abdomen. It is powerful in its ability to affect the lower abdominal and pelvic organs.

Sitz baths are useful in vaginal infections, chronic urinary tract infections, pelvic congestion, pelvic inflammatory disease, hemorrhoids, fissures, prostatitis, constipation, postpartum, improving neuralgias and insomnia.

Supplies Needed:

Two wash tubs large enough for you to sit in comfortably (bathtub may be used)


  1. Place both tubs in your bathtub and run hot water from the faucet directly into one tub.
  2. Fill one tub with hot water (about 106°F to 110°F) to about 1/2 inch above your navel. Fill the other tub with cold water (55°F to 75°F) to 1/2 inch below the navel. When you first start doing the treatments, the contrast between the water temperatures may be made minimal until you are accustomed to the treatment.
  3. Sit in the hot tub for three minutes and then the cold tub for 30 seconds. Do three sets of hot and cold, always starting with the hot, and finishing with the cold. Dry off completely after the treatment is finished.

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