Psychology, Spirituality and Lifestyle Changes in Naturopathic Medicine

We are proud to announce the participation as speaker of our medical director and doctor, Maya Nicole Baylac, today at the ICNM 2013 held in Paris. Dr. Baylac discussed, Psychology, Spirituality and Lifestyle Changes in Naturopathic Medicine.

ICNM 2013 (International Congress of Naturopathic Medicine) is the premier international congress for the most influential and inspiring complementary medicine practitioners and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to improving patient care.

Dr. Baylac’s presentation focuses on how mind, body and spirit approaches work together to bring about permanent lifestyle changes. The specific conditions in which this is demonstrated in her talk are: food addiction (obesity, overweight) and depression.

Contemporary physical and mental illness both need to be addressed on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social levels to be treated successfully on a permanent basis. Nutrition and exercise can restore the biochemistry of the body and the brain and a psycho-spiritual approach is necessary for behavioral changes to happen. Dr. Baylac reviews the need of psychology in physical medicine for successful lifestyle changes and the need of nutrition in psychiatry to resolve mental illness.

Today, eighty percent of physical illness can be resolved by lifestyle changes. However, we need to be familiar with the science of change to help our patients successfully.

For change to take place the following sequence has to happen:

  1. Educate – Understand the relationship between nutritional and lifestyle habits and health.
  2. Motivate – Doctor as model: we need to inspire our patients by practicing what we teach and patients should emulate us. Social network.
  3. Liberate – Awareness techniques and meditation to provide means to access the free will to make positive choices.

Here are the slides of the talk Dr. Baylac gave in Paris today – ICNM 2013.